EMX Products

This page lists EMX-related provided by participants in the EMX Initiative. Please contact the individual member companies for further details, as indicated below.


Diamond Systems Corporation

Altair SBC module with Intel Atom E-Series CPU — This high performance, highly integrated EMX Basic form factor SBC was designed to meet the demands of real-world applications. It incorporates a wealth of standard PC-style I/O plus on-board digital I/O, as well as latest generation connectivity such as SATA, dual Gigabit Ethernet, and PCI Express. Altair expands via both EMX and PCIe MiniCard add-on modules.

Vega family of COM Express-based processor modules — Vega is a family of EMX Basic processor modules powered by a choice of COM Express Compact CPU modules. The two-board Vega processor module integrates CPU, system I/O, industry-leading data acquisition, gigabit Ethernet, and a wide-input DC/DC power supply, and offers stackable EMX I/O expansion plus on-board PCIe MiniCard expansion. Vega is also optionally available with Diamond’s industry-leading on-board data acquisition I/O subsystem.

EMX-ESG Multifunction I/O Module — EMX-ESG is an EMX Compact form factor I/O module with two PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet ports, an LPC UART with 6 serial ports, 24 GPIO lines, and support for a Condor 23-channel GPS receiver. The module is rated for -40 to +85 degrees C operation, has been qualified for MIL-STD-202G shock and vibration, and can be optionally supplied with latching connectors to further improve reliability.

EMX-DAQ1616 Data Acquisition I/O Module — EMX-DAQ1616 is a high-performance data acquisition I/O module in an EMX compact form factor, featuring Diamond’s newest and fastest analog I/O technology. Analog I/O functions includes a 16-bit or 12-bit A/D with 2MHz sample rate and 16K-sample FIFO, 16 16-bit analog output channels with programmable ranges, plus Diamond’s industry-leading autocalibration technology. The module also provides seven 8-bit programmable digital I/O ports, two programmable 32-bit up/down counter/timers, and four programmable 24-bit PWM circuits.

EMX-GPIO96 Digital I/O Module — EMX-GPIO96 is an EMX Compact form factor programmable digital I/O module, which uses a high-capacity FPGA for maximum density and flexibility. The base configuration features 96 digital I/O lines grouped into 12 8-bit ports, buffered to protect the FPGA’s inputs and drive external 5V logic. The ports are organized into a combination of byte-wide, nibble-wide, and bit-wide direction control, and the built-in FPGA personality provides multiple configuration options: all 96 I/O lines can be used in common I/O mode; six ports can be reconfigured to enable an array of additional features, including 8 32-bit up/down counter/timers with programmable input source and gate, 4 24-bit PWM circuits with 0-100% duty cycle capability and interrupt/latched mode operation.


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