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EmbeddedXpress™ (EMX™) introduces a modular, stackable, PCI Express-based small form factor embedded system architecture that offers the advantages of both computer-on-modules (COMs) and single-board-computers (SBCs). EMX offers more features in the same size as other form factors at a lower cost, plus easier performance scalability and longer product lifetime.

EMX is a complete system that defines form factors for SBCs, COM baseboards (carriers), and I/O expansion modules. Although the physical design is optimized for use with COM Express™, the features are also ideal for other COMs, including Qseven.

Low cost, high capacity expansion bus

A key element of EMX is its low cost, high capacity, future-proof system expansion bus connector. The EMX connector offers all the most popular expansion buses, while maintaining plenty of spare pins for next-generation enhancements.

EMX’s high density, self-stacking bus


Two form factors

EMX defines two physical form factors in the same size as COM Express Basic and Compact. Example products are shown below.

EMX Basic (125 x 95 mm)

EMX Compact (95 x 95 mm)

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Single- and dual-board processor modules

EMX flexibility is illustrated by the ability to offer both single-board (SBC) and dual-board (COM+carrier) processor modules in the exact same footprint. This gives customers increased options for upgradeability and longer lifetime with minimal redesign efforts. With the use of a standard EMX carrier, any COM Express or Qseven module can be easily turned into a complete off-the-shelf solution.

CPU module
COM + carrier
CPU module
CPU module +
I/O expansion module

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Efficient cooling solution

A key benefit of EMX is the adoption of a bottom-mounted heat spreader for system cooling. This provides multiple advantages, including more efficient cooling for greater reliability and easier system installation with the integrated mounting holes. Since I/O expansion is only on the top, overall cost and size are also reduced by eliminating the bus switch circuits required with other form factors.

EMX stack with bottom-mounted heat spreader
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Additional benefits for system developers

SBC vendors can take advantage of the COM-plus-carrier aspect of EMX by designing carrier boards to work with multiple vendors’ COMs. This significantly reduces the time, cost, complexity, and risk of developing a new generation product and helps get to market faster with new processors as well as broaden product lines. OEMs can benefit from EMX by using it as a low-cost, low-impact means of offering expandability and upgrades to their systems. Simply add the connector and four mounting holes to the PCB design to offer your customers a path to the future.

Summary of Features & Benefits

EMX Features

  • Complete system architecture defining SBCs, COM baseboards, and expansion modules
  • Two sizes matching COM Express: Basic (125x95mm) and Compact (95x95mm)
  • Ideal for multiple COM form factors, including COM Express and Qseven
  • Small-footprint, low-cost expansion connector includes 4 PCI Express x 1 lanes, 2 USB, SATA, and LPC
  • Processor agnostic – can be used with x86, ARM, and SoC architectures
  • Integrated bottom-mounted heat spreader for more efficient cooling and easier installation
EMX Benefits

  • Converts COMs into complete off-the-shelf solutions
  • Enables compact, rugged, modular, scalable system designs
  • Expansion bus consumes less space, allowing more features to fit on one board
  • Maximizes board coastline available for I/O connectors
  • Future-proof expansion bus with plenty of unused pins
  • Reduces SBC development time and cost
  • Simplifies migration to new processors
  • Lengthens product lifecycles


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EmbeddedXpress (EMX) is an open standard, freely usable with no licenses or royalties. For further information about EMX and the EMX Initiative, read the EMX Backgrounder and request a copy of the EMX Specification.

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